Paint and Interior Protection

In today’s harsh environment the paintwork on the modern car has to put up with a bombardment of external forces such as acid rain, road salt, detergent, tree sap, industrial fallout and the dreaded bird droppings! Add to this the effect of the suns powerful UV rays and it can play havoc with your cars paintwork.

Therefore we offer our customers a Exterior and Interior protection service to keep their vehicle in A1 condition.

  • Finish

    Super smooth high
    Glass finish

  • Protects

    Protects from harmful elements

  • Stops Fading

    Eliminates paint fading from UV and Sun

  • Stays looking good

    No need for polishing

  • Maintain showroom look

    Enhance resale value

  • Fibre Coating

    Each fibre is coated with an invisible resin

  • Protects

    Protects fabric from oil and water based spills

  • Easy Clean

    Makes interiors easier to clean and keep looking good

  • Quick drying

    Once applied the coating drys quickly allowing you to use the car as normal

  • What your used to

    Natural feel with Low residue

  • Protects from Spills

    Protects leather from oil and water based spills

  • Easy to Clean

    Makes your leather interiors easy to clean

  • Moisturises

    Moisturises your leather and keeps it supple

  • Quick drying

    Once applied the coating drys quickly allowing you to use the car as normal

  • Non greasy or shiny

    Once applied and dry leaves no traces or shine to the material


    GardX paint protection is a state of the art 2 stage application that provides multi layer protection for your cars paintwork. The Teflon type coating gives a durable , super smooth high gloss finish, which protects against the suns harmful UV rays , traffic and industrial pollutants, bird droppings, salt and humidity.


    GardX will reduce swirl marks caused by washing, and will preserve your vehicles look and finish. GardX eliminates paint fading and the need for polishing guaranteed. The GardX application will not be washed away or deteriorate in the Middle East harsh environment.


    GardX stain guard is applied your vehicles interior fabric to give a guaranteed barrier against liquid spills. The GardX stain guard coats each individual fibre with and invisible resin which protects from stains produced by oil or water based liquid spills like tea, coffee and soft drinks.


    GardX leather guard not only protects leather interiors from liquid spills but, also moisturises the leather to keep it soft and supple for longer.


    We also offer an expert detailing service, where our team of trained detailers can carry out a full valeting and detailing service to your vehicle. Bringing back that showroom, look, feel and smell.

    We offer a variety of service levels to suit every customer. Please enquire for details.