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Paint Scuff and Scratch Repair


SMART Repair paint technology is ideally suited for a large variety of cosmetic paint repair. Car scratch repair, spot repair, chipped paintwork, scuffs and stone-chips are typical examples of how SMART repair can excel.


By focusing on smaller areas of paint repair and applying specially formulated materials, the repair time and cost is dramatically reduced. Furthermore, online colour-matching technology allows the car paint repair to be precisely matched with almost any automotive paint finish.

Alloy Wheel Rim Repair


Nowadays, nearly 90% of newly manufactured cars are fitted with alloy wheels.

Unfortunately, the alloy wheel rim is easily damaged – kerbstones and potholes are the enemy of the motorist these days!

So, what options does the car owner have for fast and economical alloy wheel repair and rim repair in Dubai?


The good news for motorists is that most alloy rims can now be cost-effectively and quickly repaired with the introduction of our alloy wheel SMART Repair solution in Dubai, UAE.


In less than one-hour, we can remove the damaged alloy wheel, fix and refurbish the alloy rim, exactly match the original manufacturer paint finish and re-lacquer the wheel.Result?A completely repaired alloy wheel rim looking as good as new for a fraction of the cost of a replacement.

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)


Our specialist dent repair technicians based in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are at hand to remove and repair your dings and dents.


These dents and dings are commonplace on car bodywork, particularly around areas such as door corners, front and rear quarters.


Fortunately, a specialized technique called Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) or Paintless Dent Removal is a collection of techniques for removing minor dents and dings from the body of a car. A wide range of car repair damage can be removed using paintless dent repair (PDR); however, if there is extensive paint repair, PDR may be deemed unsuitable.


A trained paintless dent repair technician can typically remove small dents and dings in minutes by using a series of specialist tools that “massage” out the dents from both behind the panel and also from in front.


The most common practical use for paintless dent repair is the repair of door dings, minor body creases, and minor bumper indentations. The techniques can also be applied to help prepare the damaged panel for paint repair.


In today’s unpredictable climate Hail storms are becoming more frequent around the world. Unfortunately this means more vehicles are being damaged and costing Insurance Companies millions!


Insurance companies are looking for more cost effective repairs rather than replacing damaged panels or using traditional body-shop methods.


PDR (Paintless Dent Removal) is now the preferred method of repairing hail damage in most cases as it is less time consuming and more economical. Automotive Repair Systems Technicians are extensively trained and offer PDR services throughout Europe to the highest possible standards.


We have the ability to work on both large and small numbers of hail damaged vehicles.

Interior Repair


Car interior repair damage typically manifests itself as cigarette burns, fabric staining, holes from mobile phone mountings and general wear and tear to trim panels, car upholstery and seat bolsters damage.


Automotive Repair Systems Dubai (ARS) works with a wide range of specialist SMART Repair solutions that facilitate invisible mending coupled with special colour matching technology.

Leather Repair


Car leather seat restoration and repair is another example of SMART Repair offering an alternative car repair solution to motorists in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


Our leather reconditioning technology addresses the worn and tired looking appearance leather upholstery can become after a few years of use.


Automotive Repair Systems (ARS) works closely with a leading leather company in Italy who has developed a series of specialist interior upholstery repair solutions for car interiors.


These products allow us to carry out a near invisible and permanent car interior leather repair. We are also able to condition the leather to bring some of its original suppleness to prolong its future life and can even introduce a leather seat fragrance to the product to recreate that “good as new” aroma.

Headlight Restoration

  • DE-FOG

Based in Dubai and Abu Dhabi our SMART Repair specialists use the latest in headlight cleaning technology to address issues with discoloured and foggy headlights with a two-stage cleaning process that rejuvenates the headlamp and lens to a “nearly new” finish in minutes.


Most modern vehicles have plastic headlamps and lenses which in time, can become discoloured and foggy when exposed to extreme sunlight and silicon based car-wash products.


This rather unsightly appearance of the car headlight can also give rise to decreased night-time vision and ultimately effect personal driver safety.

Windshield Repair


In Dubai and throughout the UAE windshields can be easily damaged by flying debris resulting in glass scratches, glass chips, glass bulleye’s or star-breaks.


Untreated, this level of minor damage can “creep” quickly necessitating a major repair or complete windshield and car glass replacement.


Minor damage like this can be quickly and cost effectively repaired using a high-tech repair technique that invisibly seals the damage seamlessly and restoring the windshield back to its original strength. Using the latest glass repair equipment and techniques our specialist Smart Repair Technicians based in Dubai can make quick work of minor windscreen damage.