About Us


Smart Repair (Small to Medium Repair Technique) is a series of fast, cost-effective cosmetic car repair techniques. Our Dubai Smart Repair Centers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi along with our mobile smart repair vans offer our customers a “one stop shop” solution for all paint, dent, interior and wheel repair in the Dubai and Abu Dhabi area.

Historically, damaged vehicles have been sent to traditional car repair bodyshops for all cosmetic repairs such as dents and car scratches – no matter how small.


Smart Repair offers customers a “repair not replace” philosophy via a series of innovative repair techniques that focus on small, economical and quick repair solutions to your car.


Smart Repair work, such as scratch repairpaint repairalloy wheel repair or dent repair, are typically no larger than a sheet of A4 paper and can be completed in approximately one hour. Each Smart repair is optimized for size and minimal material consumption therefore offering customers a significantly cheaper and faster repair option.


Automotive Repair Systems (ARS), was originally founded in the UK in 1997 offering the local motor trade a high quality, reliable, cost effective car repair service specializing in Paintless Dent Removal (dent repair).


The business grew rapidly to become one of the largest independent mobile SMART (Small to Medium Repair Technique) Repair companies in the UK and pioneered the development and growth of cosmetic repair techniques such as scratch repair, paint repair, alloy wheel repair, windshield repair, dent removal, leather repair and interior repair .


This exciting development in the car repair industry offered customers a new choice: repair not replace, cost-effective not expensive, quick not slow.


The Home of Smart Repair in the Middle East

In 2011, Automotive Repair Systems (ARS) became one of the first SMART Repair companies to offer professional cosmetic repair services in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


The strong principles of the UK business were carried forward with the original founder and visionary, Andy Patterson, involved in establishment and management of the company.


The experienced team offers a full array of innovative B2B and B2C SMART Repair services and solutions including trade services, mobile and drive-in service centres.


Dubai Retail Centre , Al Quoz


Automotive Repair Systems (ARS) now offers a wide range of trade and business solutions to suit every business need in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the rest of the UAE.


We recognize that implementing SMART Repair in your business is challenging, time consuming and costly.  Specialist dent repairscratch repair and alloy wheel repair can be a distraction from your day-to-day operation but a partnership route offers some relief from the real challenges of implementation.


Our partnership programs are specially tailored to your individual business needs.  We work together with your management team to position SMART Repair properly within your business.  We provide staff training, marketing consultancy, stock management etc  – so that SMART Repair delivers real customer value and doesn’t fail.


Contact us directly to learn more about this innovative and affordable approach to SMART Repair and how you too can drive more income and improved customer loyalty to your bottom line.