Abu Dhabi Case Study

***Abu Dhabi 2019 *** S.M.A.R.T. Repair Comparison

There’s no better way to demonstrate the time and cost difference SMART (Small to Medium Area Repair Technique)

Repair can make for a typical vehicle owner, than a direct and transparent market comparison.


As part of our launch into the Abu Dhabi market, we took three regular vehicles (each with different areas of minor / cosmetic damage)

and had them assessed for repair by main Abu Dhabi based high-street dealers*.


We then compared the cost and time requirement directly, Dirham for Dirham, hour for hour with how our SMART Repair technology

would deliver alternative (and significantly improved) results for the vehicle owner.


The results are astonishing.

Our SMART Repair solution was up to 70% CHEAPER and the repair time, at least 3 TIMES FASTER

than a comparative traditional bodyshop or Service department.


Yes, you read that correctly:
up 70% CHEAPER means 1,000’s of Dirhams saving for the average Abu Dhabi vehicle owner.

And yes, you also read the second part correctly too:  3 TIMES FASTER means getting your car back the same day and sometimes, within a few hours!


The three case study comparisons* that follow are 100% genuine.  We used vehicles with genuine minor and cosmetic damage

and took them to real high-street dealerships and service centres in Abu Dhabi for costing.


Please review our findings – the conclusion is obvious.  SMART Repair is THE No.1 alternative and delivers a cheaper,

faster more intelligent repair solution to each and every vehicle owner in Abu Dhabi.


*Each comparison outlet was a main brand dealer of Abu Dhabi city limits location.

Case Study 1

Damage description

Typical scuff and light damage (Gold metallic paintwork) to right-hand front bumper section of a 2017 Nissan Patrol.