Ruben Hage wins the race!

A HUGE congratulations to the young superstar Ruben Hage for receiving the Nottingham Junior Championship trophy for 2018. This trophy is one of many that Ruben has one this year as part of his Autograss racing. Also grabbing second place in the UKAC Saloon racing championship. Keep up the good work Ruben! You can follow Ruben […]

Official Sponsors for Esmee Hawkey

We are proud to annouce we are official sponsors of @esmee_hawkey, 2019 Porsche Cup Driver. From Kart Racing at the age of 9 to Vice champion of Womens GT in 2016. Poised for big things in 2019, we wish Esmee the very best, not that she’ll need it!

Can Your Scratched Alloy Rims Be Repaired?

Major alloy wheel scratches (AKA “kerb-rash”) appear when the alloy rim of your car rubs against obstacles such as kerbstones.  It’s incredibly easy to do and by the time you realize, it’s too late and the blood-chilling sound of metal on stone seems to go on forever. It’s been known to make grown men cry… […]

What Will My Car Dent and Paint Repair Cost?

One of the most frustrating things about driving a great looking car is getting that first dent or scrape. You walk out into the parking lot one day and there it is — a dent in your car that looks as big as the Burj Khalifa! Even minor damage to your car immediately impacts its […]


Bumper Scuff

Here is a bumper scuff repaired in a couple of hours at a fraction of the cost of a traditional body shop.

PDR Repair

PDR completed on the rear fender in less than an hour and no paintwork needed!

Rear Door Damage

Nasty damage to the rear door and fender on this Jeep, was completed in an afternoon thanks to our clever SMART repair technicians.

Headlight Rejuvenation

Headlamp rejuvenation on the Dodge